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HMC plans and deliversTraining Courses based onAnalysis of Business Requirements. In a constantly evolving society it is necessary, to adapt to one's reference market, to always beupdated on one's own skills and those of one's team and/or to be one step ahead of one's competitors. HMC offers complete training services divided into the following phases:

- Analysis of training needs

- Definition and sharing of objectives

- Design of the training plan

- Delivery of training interventions

- Analysis of the results,

The Training Courses that we propose concern the following topics:

- Effective Communication 

- From Boss to Leader

- Time Management

- Emotional Intelligence

- The Art of Public Speaking

- Team Building/Team Coaching

- Sales Techniques (also Telemarketing)

- Creation and Management of the Sales Network

- Management of the point of sale

- Social Media Marketing

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