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HMC Internal Division

TheIndividual Coaching  is a partnership process aimed at achieving the objectives defined with the coachee and is based on a structured relationship of mutual trust. The Coach's professional action facilitates the Coachee to improve his skills, through the valorization and strengthening of his resources


It is a common journey with the Coach where aspects related to the sphere are addressed emotional, professional, relational, and the achievement of objectivesspecific and measurable.

Individual Coaching helps to:

- Identify and achieve personal and professional goals.

- Manage your time and stress effectively

- Manage your emotions effectively.

- Become aware of your abilities and potential and put them into practice.

- Improve self-esteem and self-efficacy.

- Improve your relationships

- Improve income and professional position.

- Find the courage to change the course of your ownlife.

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