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Vision: help entrepreneurs and private individuals to generate greater value for their business and/or for themselves following new horizons in line with the changes in today's business and/or one's personal growth path.

Our Intervention:

The approach ofHMC is to support theCompanies and iManager ​in planning, organizing and managing change towards Growth and I Development. Our assistance is tailor-made based on the culture we find within the business, and given thepeculiarities of eachcustomer, each intervention is created ad hoc to transform thegoals of business in effective actions and performances capable of generatingconcrete and measurable results.

Personnel Search and Selection

The success of a company depends on the people who are part of it:

Search for Resources with a high degree of Potential, not simple candidates but resources capable of increasing quality, capable of generating value and bringing new skills to increase company results.

 In partnership with  one of the most important Personnel Search and Selection organizations active throughout the national territory.

Training and Development 

Today companies  they must be able to put indiscussion old paradigms and management models that have worked well in the past but whichToday they are no longer effective.​

Through an approachsystemic integrate new onesstrategies of business with training programs intersecting the needs of customers, suppliers and employees with a view toCross Selling And Loyalty of the customer.


In an ever-changing world, the help of aProfessional Coach (which means carriage and/or coach) allows you to achieve challenging goals by training yourpotential  through aspecific route it's ameasurable action plan.

We are therefore talking about a voyage, to the discovery and/or rediscovery ofthemselves.


And this is Coaching, a path that unites three points: where you come from, where you are and where you want to go. In the middle there is onestrategy (which represents the how), the one that allows one to beeffective (reach the goal) edefficient (as they are actively protagonists of its effect).

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